Wednesday 18 March 2015, 8.30am-9.30am
Room 0.52, Bute Building, Cardiff University (NB: further info at bottom of agenda)
Chair: Laura Drane
With thanks to Sara Pepper and Cardiff University for support with the meeting space
The purpose of What Next?
BROAD AIM: to find new ways of engaging with our audience and visitors: the ever-expanding millions who value and take part in the cultural work that happens day-in, day-out up and down this country.
GUIDING STAR: to encourage the people of this country, as individuals and as communities, to see connections between the many different ways art and culture affect and enhance our lives; to urge everyone to register their endorsement of – and pleasure in – their art and culture, especially where these are under threat.
WN? Cardiff site (agendas, members, etc):
WN? UK movement website:
Cardiff: or @WNCardiff and #wn2014 #wnculture
UK: and #wn2014 #wnculture
1. Welcome & introductions
2. WN? updates/ for discussion
BBC Get Creative
Year long campaign: please encourage supporters, audiences, etc to use #bbcgetcreative #bbcamserigreu and to visit the website as content is changing daily:
Convener(s)/ chair(s) from end of March – Laura Drane standing down
3. Speaker – Peter Owen, WG civil servant, Creative Learning through the Arts plan (see links below)
Peter will be returning to WN? to share his insight into this process and the documentation recently published. He will give a short 10 minute presentation (as we assume most people will have dipped into the headlines of the plan at least by then) and then there will be plenty of time for questions/ discussion.
4. WN? coming weeks
25 March – policy context (returning to Warwick, Donaldson, etc)
** new chair/ convener needed from after Easter **
5. AOB
Information on venue:
The room is to the right and down the stairs when you walk into the building, third door on the left.
There is bike parking next to the building and car parking (paid for) in front of the building. Bus stop also opposite Bute Building.
Refreshments won’t be provided, but there is a coffee shop as well as food and drink machines in the foyer.
More info re: access, transport, catering and coffee facilities etc here:
Many thanks to Sara Pepper and Cardiff University for this support.
Donaldson curriculum review
Great Debate info is here: