Wednesday 8 October, 8.30am-9.30am
Room 0.05, Bute Building, Cardiff University (NB: further info at bottom of agenda)
Chair: Laura Drane
With thanks to Sara Pepper and Cardiff University for support with the meeting space

The purpose of What Next?
BROAD AIM: to find new ways of engaging with our audience and visitors: the ever-expanding millions who value and take part in the cultural work that happens day-in, day-out up and down this country.
GUIDING STAR: to encourage the people of this country, as individuals and as communities, to see connections between the many different ways art and culture affect and enhance our lives; to urge everyone to register their endorsement of – and pleasure in – their art and culture, especially where these are under threat.

WN? Cardiff blog:

WN? website:

Cardiff: or @WNCardiff and #wn2014
UK: and #wn2014

1. Welcome & introductions

2. WN? updates

– ADUK conference – Fri 17 Oct 10.30-12.30/ WN? as part of open forum, see link below

– Digital comms for this chapter/ Rob Ashelford, inc ACTON: biog and photo for blog

– ISM-led campaign: #protectmusicwales

– IWA Senedd Paper working party/ Emma Evans

3. Priorities for this chapter


– 14 Jan 2015 – joint chapters day; in Cardiff, debate on value of arts/ culture with key parties/ politicians and maybe hosted by CU

– Priority groups, communities of interest/ identity/ network and other that we might invite to come and meet with us (eg BAME communities, patient reps on health boards, WI) – who, when, what is the offer and the ask, etc

– a day of public conversations where every art/cultural organisation in Wales/South Wales? hosts, or is involved with, a public conversation on the value of culture – later in spring 2015

SPEAKERS for Wed mornings:

Email intro/ copy in LHD; any update on names mentioned previous weeks? (poss hold off political speakers until Jan debate)
– Welsh Local Government Association
– One Voice Wales
– Any of the hyperlocal media outlets
– BBC – which angle?
– Jane Hutt
– Ken Skates
– NHS/ Valleys data (Rob mentioned?)
– Paul Orders
– Peter Bradbury
– Phil Bale
– Louise Prin/ Ken Pool
– Who else?

AREAS OF FOCUS – which to prioritise?

– Cardiff local authority/ other authorities (eg cultural tourism, St David’s Hall, inward investment)
– WG priority areas (eg life sciences, tourism, food and farming, construction, finance and professional services, advanced materials, energy and environment, ICT)
– ACW investment review and potential cuts
– Arts and education/ National Plan for Creative Learning
– run up to General Election, May 2015
– run up to WG Election, May 2016
– what else?

4. Schedule for upcoming weeks (chair, speakers)

LHD to chair till 5 Nov
15 Oct local and national angle – speaker?
22 Oct Robin Simpson, CEO Voluntary Arts
29 Oct (half term) local and national angle, leading to public engagement
5 Nov ideas and actions for public engagement

** chair(s) needed **
12 Nov local and national angle
19 Nov local and national angle
26 Nov local and national angle
3 Dec local and national angle, and 14 Jan planning/ prep
10 Dec local and national angle, leading to public engagement and 14 Jan planning/ prep
17 Dec ideas and actions for public engagement and 14 Jan planning/ prep

Xmas/ NY break

7 Jan – final 14 Jan planning/ prep
14 Jan – national WN? day linking with other chapters
21 Jan – standalone session; week after starting new six week block

5. AOB

Information on venue:
This will be our new regular space until the end of the year.
The room is to the left and down the stairs when you walk into the building.
There is bike parking next to the building and car parking (paid for) in front of the building. Bus stop also opposite Bute Building.
Refreshments won’t be provided, but there is a coffee shop as well as food and drink machines in the foyer.
More info re: access, transport, catering and coffee facilities etc here:
Many thanks to Sara Pepper and Cardiff University for this support.


ArtFreedomWales event at Chapter, 27 Nov:

ADUK conference at WMC, 16-17 Oct:

Labour Arts Alliance:
Shadow Culture Secretary Harriet Harman MP launched our network at Labour’s conference in Manchester. If you use Twitter you can follow us @LabourArts. Labour Arts Alliance will make the case for the arts and campaign for the return of a Labour Government by:
– developing a national network of people in the arts and creative industries
– facilitating the sharing of objectives and best practice
– devising a strategy for the growth of the sector
– contributing policy ideas for the 2015 manifesto and beyond.

Culture Action Europe Conference, 9-11 Oct
Either a free place or £40 reduced rate: email and

Jenny Sealey (Graeae Theatre Company) has called for people to join her in fighting against the changes to Access to Work which threaten deaf and disabled artists’ ability to work. Graeae have provided a template for writing to your MP which you can download from our website:

WG Early Years consultation:

Arts and education/ National Plan for Creative Learning – August statement from ministers: