Emeritus Professor of Theatre, Film and Television at USW
Vising Professor at Cardiff Met
Part-Time Teacher ar RWCMD

Our next member to share a bit about what they do and why they’re part of What Next? Cardiff is Steve Blandford.Steve Blandford

Tell us about what you do.

I am Emeritus Professor of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of South Wales. I am also a Visiting Professor at Cardiff Metropolitan University and I teach part-time at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I am a founding trustee of National Theatre Wales and a Board member at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Pick a show, book, film, exhibition, album, etc has changed your life and tell us about it

Its hard to pick one – the complete works of Ken Loach, that, contrary to popular belief, are funny, moving and gripping as well as politically engaged. They continue to make the strongest case for the close relationship between art and the way that we live our lives.

Even further back in time, John Dos Passos’ epic novel, USA is reminder of the variety, promise and inspiration that was once at the heart of that part of the world and maybe could be again, though it’s hard to imagine sometimes.

What’s your ambition for the arts and culture? And how do you think WN? is going to help achieve that?

I have loved What Next’s engagement with making the argument that arts and culture should be an entitlement, not a luxury. It costs so little compared to so much other spending in our name. However those of us who have made a living in this sphere do have to make the case, to be innovative in the ways that we demonstrate how the arts make life more worth living and how the arts can be an element in creating a better future. I think What’s Next?, in bringing organisations together to think through how to do this could be a really valuable way of reaching people.

How would you describe a WN? meeting to someone to encourage them to attend? 

Despite being at 8.30am I almost never come away regretting attending. They are friendly, informal and full of lively minds that inevitably make me think and question my own views. And it is trying to get valuable things done!