What Next? Cardiff

When: Wednesday 23rd May 8:30-9:30 

Where: Oasis Splott, 69b Splott Rd, Cardiff CF24 2BW – There is a café on site 

Chair : Abdul Shayek 

The purpose of What Next? 

Broad aim: to find new ways of engaging with our audience and visitors: the ever-expanding millions who value and take part in the cultural work that happens day-in, day-out up and down this country.

Guiding star: to encourage the people of this country, as individuals and as communities, to see connections between the many different ways art and culture affect and enhance our lives; to urge everyone to register their endorsement of – and pleasure in – their art and culture, especially where these are under threat.

What Next? website and social media

Please note: We want everyone to feel free to ask questions and share their thoughts at What Next? meetings without worrying that they’ll be quoted elsewhere or out of context. It’s generally accepted that no-one reports on the meetings, tweets anything personal or identifiable, or shares any content without checking first with the contributor. 


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Guy O’Donnell from Sherman 5 speaks about the programme, designed to support of people who face barriers and/or disadvantage
  3. Yvette Vaughan Jones asks What Next to feed into the British Council International Showcasing research
  1. Any Other Business
  • Bethan Jenkins Culture Committee report and WN response
  • British Council International Showcasing research – Cardiff focus group Thursday 24th 9-11am at British Council Wales 

Please also fill out the survey here by the 25th May and share with your networks http://www.visitingarts.org.uk/resources/surveys-reports/international-showcasing-in-wales-research/

  • WN Chairs meeting 25th June, who can attend to represent?
  • Future hosts

Future meetings

  • Confirmed Guy O Donnell / Sherman 5 / 23rd May
  • Confirmed Fadhili Mughhiya / Watch Africa / 30th May
  • Confirmed Bethan Elfyn (Horizons / Launchpad) and Spike Griffiths (Project Forte) / 13th June
  • Suggestion: St Fagans National Museum of History Visit
  • Suggestion: UK industrial strategy
  • Suggestion: OECD Evaluation
  • Suggestion: Implications of Brexit on the cultural sector (Wiard Stark)
  • Suggestion: Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales  re Future Generations Framework
  • Sharon Heal, Director of the Museums Association is happy to attend a future What Next? meeting, to discuss the journey the MA has made to more equitable policies and practices across the four nations. 

Future What Next? meetings

  • 16 May – 20 June, What Next outreach Oasis Splott (16 – 30 May) and Grangetown Pavillion (6-20 June)
  • 27 June – 25 July School of Art & Design, Cardiff Met University